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Leon Brown has written one of the most practical applications of how to winsomely share the Good News of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in a post-modern context. His balance of the theological and a step-by-step approach to the work of the evangelist in the context of the Church is well balanced, saturated with examples, and highly motivational. Words in Season is a welcomed addition to my practical theology library.

Jim Bland
, Mission to North America Coordinator

Most people I know who struggle in sharing their faith usually ask for three things: prayer, encouragement, and example.  With pastoral encouragement and practical example, Leon Brown has given a gem of a little book on evangelism to the church. All of us who find ourselves praying for encouragement to share the faith regularly will find it in these pages. Read it and share it!

Anthony Carter
, Author of Blood Work: How the Blood of Christ Accomplishes Our Salvation

Words in Season
 is a very practical book. I love the examples used by Pastor Brown as any and everybody can utilize his suggestions in witnessing. I highly recommend this book!

, Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Christcentric

In this discussion Leon Brown provides relevant doctrinal foundations and easy conversational openers for those who are apprehensive about personal evangelism. A most helpful study about bearing witness to Jesus Christ.

Hywel Jones
, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California

Moving from theology to a practical hands on aid, Leon Brown combines his passion for Christ's redeeming work and the hard fought lessons he has learned without confusing the two. Words in Season is a timely book in the landscape of Reformed writing whose tendency is to be ingrown. I was blessed to read his passion for evangelism on every page.

Elyse Fitzpatrick
, Author of Found in Him: The Joy of the Incarnation and Our Union with Christ

In Words in Season Leon Brown met his goal of equipping “Christians, at a basic level, with some of the ins and outs of personal evangelism” and leaving the reader encouraged. The book makes personal evangelism feel accessible. It reminds you of biblical truths you already know and which are reinforced regularly at church. Perhaps most importantly, Words in Season helps you see that a conversation about church and the gospel can be started naturally and simply. It gives you hope that you are “only one small step from entering into a conversation about spiritual matters.

Richard R. Gerber
, Associate General Secretary of the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Leon Brown is passionate about Christ and his Church. Words in Season: On Sharing the Hope that is Within Us is written with pastoral warmth. Pastor Brown understands the various struggles that are involved when sharing one’s faith. Words in Season is theologically rich, accessible and a helpful treatment on personal evangelism.

Ronald Johnson
, Christian Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Through Hymn

Leon Brown writes with a compassion and refreshing perspective that will encourage the body of Christ to remember the importance of day to day evangelism. You will be inspired by his stories of friendly approaches that never compromise the message of the gospel.

Peter Jones
, Executive Director of truthXchange

Evangelism without the Evangel? Christianity without the Church? All too often oxymorons like this define biblical faith in the 21st century. Leon Brown has written a book that puts the Church and the Gospel at the center of the believer’s calling to be witnesses for Christ. He gives comfort and joy to those who worry they lack the gifts or ability to lead the lost to Christ.

Brian Lee
, Pastor of Christ Reformed Church (Washington, D.C.)

Rev. Brown has written an insightful, practical and very much needed book for the church today. Far (and thankfully) from being just another how to book, Words In Season speaks to the motivation and blessing of declaring the most important message anyone will ever hear. Among the strengths of Words In Season is its accessibility to believers across all maturity levels. Churches would do well to make good use of this as part of their regular discipleship curriculum.

Lance Lewis
, Pastor of Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church

Sometimes the Lord brings a small book your way that transforms your life because it was written by someone whose life embodies the subject of the book. Leon Brown starts with God and His church. Then he gently deals with our excuses and fears, and thus practically prepares us to joyfully do the work of personal evangelism. Anyone who knows Leon Brown will know that he oozes with love for the gospel and a desire to get it out to those who need to hear it. So, when he writes about personal evangelism, you had better sit up and listen!

Conrad Mbewe
, Pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia

If you desire to share your faith, but you’re struggling with fear, this book is for you. Leon Brown shares his experiences and his wisdom about personal evangelism from a biblical perspective. As you read this book you will be encouraged to share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

William (The Apologist) Mendoza
, Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Christcentric

As a busy mom, I appreciate the common sense challenge to look at the opportunities afforded by my daily activities to share the Good News of Christ, whether at the grocery store, library, sports practice or zoo.  Pastor Brown has a zeal for equipping believers to care about others enough to share what we know, and it shines through as he breaks down the basics of personal evangelism to make it a less daunting endeavor.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is wanting to interact with people in a deeper way for the glory of God.

Amy Ortiz
, Homeschooling Mother of Five

Leon Brown's Words in Season is a timely primer on personal evangelism. Warm, personable, and honest this book presents the biblical case for personal evangelism by rooting it clearly in the broad scope of biblical teaching. Brown's style is winsome yet provocative in that he shares his own pitfalls in sharing the gospel and offers his readers clear encouragements to heed the biblical call to share the gospel openly.

This accessible book is grounded in a robust Reformed theological framework, which may be even oxymoronic as many Evangelicals have caricaturized Reformed Christianity as cold toward evangelism. Not so according to Brown who liberally quotes from Reformed confessions and Reformed theologians. Without explicitly writing so, Brown openly challenges Reformed Christians to ease out of their traditional reluctance to personal evangelism. The book is ideal for adult Sunday School classes, and should, with prayerful attention, ignite personal and corporate evangelistic efforts.

Eric Michael Washington
, Assistant Professor of History, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

As a teenager, I live in a gold mine of opportunity: my own generation! Personal evangelism is not just for adults; it’s for everyone since Christ is for everyone. Words in Season: On Sharing the Hope that is Within Us moved me toward overcoming the fear of sharing my faith. It also soothed my concern about being rejected on account of my faith by reminding me that I don't have to be a seminary-trained theologian to witness; I don't have to know everything; I don't have to have all the answers—ultimately—because it is Christ who saves through the gospel. I'm simply a messenger. Words in Season refreshed and invigorated me to get out there and share the message of life to those who need it so badly.

Hannah Proctor
, High School Student

Words in Season
is a personal evangelism book that dares to center our evangelistic work around the Divine Drama, address cultural barriers to sharing one’s faith, and use both law and Gospel in our presentation methods! This is an outstanding resource for equipping the saints to proclaim Christ naturally, boldly, humbly, accurately, and faithfully.

Eric C. Redmond
, Executive Pastoral Assistant and Bible Professor in Residence, New Canaan Baptist Church

As I began to read Words in Season I was a bit disappointed by its simplicity, but then something began to happen. I found that I was being convicted by the Holy Spirit for my lack of zeal for evangelism. In our post-modern times of process and friendship evangelism, where the emphasis is often more on friendship than evangelism, it is refreshing to read a book by a young post-modern who takes us back to our basic calling to tell people about Jesus.

Wy Plummer, Pastor and Mission to North America African-American Ministries Coordinator

Leon Brown provides a brotherly, convicting, yet encouraging word designed to help all believers overcome their fears and become salt and light as bearers of the gospel.

James White
, Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries

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